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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Becoming Bella by Ms. Bond

OK so every time I read a new chapter of this story I hear this simple line from the Twilight film "You're a strong independent woman" and through the chapters that is what I think of Bella.

Bella finally has the courage to leave her mentally abusive husband James. He doesn't physically abuse her but throughout they're marriage he tears down her self esteem and confidence . He makes her feel like she isn't worthy and her best friends Rose and Alice only want her to leave him. One day Bella has enough packs a suitcase and turns up on Rose and Alice's doorstep telling them she's left James and is never going back.

Does James let her go willingly, that would be a big fat NO! He calls pretending to be nice and wants her back only to be fuelled by hatred when she tells him no. He tries to emotionally drag her down time and time again, but Bella is having none of it.

Then we have Edward who's just moved from Chicago and is starting his life over, meets Bella and is instantly drawn to her. He hears her playing the piano and singing one night at the bar she helps run and is mesmerised with her. From that moment on we see a beautiful relationship begin. Of course as friends first and then it blooms into more.

Edward learns all about James and his treatment of Bella and vows to protect her and it seems he may need to as James starts to show off a violent side when he wrecks Bella's car after her refusal to do what he wants.

We're 14 chapters in so far and I've loved every part of it and can't wait to see were it goes!

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  1. OMG! I am just truly speechless! Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL Rec!! You did a fantastic job of summarizing exactly what the story is all about.Thanks for taking the time and thanks so much for reading. I hope I continue to make u squeee everything u open ur inbox and have an update! MWAH!! Ms.Bond

  2. Excellent choice for a recc! Ms Bond does a great job of turning a beaten down Bella into a real strong woman!