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Monday, 18 January 2010

Such Great Heights by SydneyAlice

This has to be one of the most endearing stories I have ever read! Bella having graduated 2 months previously in Elementary Education is stuck in a rut as she can't find a teaching position. Rose and Alice form an intervention of types and get her a job as Roses brothers new nanny. Edward is at his wits end as four nannies haven't been able to cope with looking after his son Riley. Why might you ask?...Well, 5 y/old Riley is dealing with the fact that his mother left him.

Now we all know that there are plenty of nanny stories out in the fandom, so what makes this story so different from all the others? In all the other stories we read about a child who is more or less beyond perfect. In this story we read about a child who at first seems like the devils spawn. He lashes out, throws things and hates everyone who he doesn't know. But really what we are reading about is a 5 y/old boy with insecurities of abandonment. His mother Jessica never really showed him proper affection. Never played with him and had very strict rules.

Bella comes along and immediately knows were the problems lie. She helps Edward see the mistakes that have been made and how to rectify them. She more or less helps Edward to learn and grow as father.

Of course there's feelings between Edward and Bella, but this is a slow burn story. Its about helping Edward and Riley first and foremost. And guess what?...its only 4 chapters in so far!!

I'm hooked and have been since chapter one! I started off being horrified at Riley's behaviour only to be crying for him by chapter 3. I'm sure he wont be fixed just yet and we have a long way to go yet. I cannot wait to see were we go from here!

To read Such Great Heights click Here

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At the minute SydneyAlice has another active story called "Waterfalls", make sure you check that out also. Plus a complete story in her long list called "I Will Follow You Into The Dark", it one of my favourites also!

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