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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Locked Up by twiXlite

This is a story that is only 8 chapters in and has completely captured me and sucked me in. We have Edward who is in prison for a crime he didn't commit...He's accused of the murder of his fiancée Tanya. He's always said he's innocent and is still trying to prove his innocence after two and half years behind bars. He has an appeal in the works, but even fighting the justice system without the support of his family can take its toll on him and leave him with doubts that he will be freed and acquitted of the charges brought against him. But even though he's locked in a place he shouldn't be it doesn't stop him from becoming Top Dog that all the other prisoners look up too and nobody messes with him. Well that is other than a new inmate, James. He wants to try and take the position from Edward but all he ends up is getting his ass landed in the infirmary and Edward gets sent down to the block on basic rations.

Enter Bella, who is the new psychiatrist on Edwards wing. She's vowing to get to the bottom of what makes Edward tick and who he is behind the shield of the Top Dog Position. But whilst looking over his file she comes across holes it. Things and certain evidence and testimonies that were ignored and lead to him being found guilty instead of innocent. Now she vows to help free Edward and get him acquitted also.

A revelation from Edwards parents whilst he's in prison leaves him more broken than he was and its only with the help of Bella that he manages to get himself together. We also get to see an underlying love story bloom between Edward and Bella. She risks her whole career to help him, and also there is a few chaste kisses along the way. As I said before, this is only 8 chapters in so far and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here. With Edwards appeal coming up I'm sure we are all in for one hell of a plot!

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