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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hit By Destiny by ocdmess

This is an amazing Angst story, it's incredably Dark so if you aren't 18 or over then I wouldn't advise you to read this. If you do, you do it at your own risk!

Bella wants to die and is constantly plotting ways to commit suicide. She never used to be this way up until 3 month prior. Her mother is all kinds of bat shit crazy. She did something to Bella one night that involved Billy and his son Jacob who was also at the time best friends with Bella. We haven't got to the point in the story yet were its revealed what happened but we do know that what ever it was they done went wrong and they forced Bella to say she tried to commit suicide to cover up for them. Now Bella actually wants to die to escape he life that is a living hell.

Not only does Bella have troubles at home she has troubles in her school life as well. She's picked on relentlessly and called names "Goose" being the main one. Enter Edward Cullen. If you think your going to fall in love with him from the first chapter and he comes in and saves Bella then think again. Edward is THEE biggest Douche I have ever read about in all the FanFiction stories I have read so far. God he really deserves the award for "Assward" of the year! But this is what the author wants you to feel about him and I have to praise her because in every chapter I wanted to write myself into the story and kick his hateful arrogant ass.

He hates Bella and when she accidentally bumps into him one day and knocks him over and get him covered in mud. He stands up and threatens her in front of everyone, telling her he'll kill her before stumping of home to get changed. Little did he know that that night that he would run her over with his precious volvo. He hits a patch of black ice and can't stop in time. Bella ends up with major injuries that will leave her with a disability for the rest of her life.

Now you'd think that this would change Edward, Wrong again! At the scene of the accident he mentally shuts down and become numb, therefore becoming an even bigger douche than he already is. He blames everyone, especially Bella before he will own up to any fault himself. But what I read throughout Edwards Douchebaggery is that he is in a state of denial. He's more broken by the accident than he cares to know even himself. So he puts up this wall and his asshole attitude come out in full force.

So far the story is 23 chapters in and we don't see the tiny changes in Edward until chapter 22. After an accident at school involving Bella brings out Edwards vunerable side, and by that I mean just a tiny bit. I'm so excited to see what happens from here. I can't wait to see the relationship between Edward and Bella progress from hating each other to becoming friends and then more.

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