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Thursday, 28 January 2010

GoodFortune by RobotMoose

When I first started reading this story my heart was Tiny, Black and Ice cold. Seriously the solar ice caps would have been like a trip to the Caribbean compared to it. But with each chapter my tiny, black and ice cold heart seemed to swell in size and become pinker faster than you could say "Holy-Clark-Kent-Superman-Edward" We have a Bella and Edward who are stuffy accountants by day only to reveal the tattooed, pierced and motorcycle riding Bella and Edward by night.

We have Bella and Edward who have worked together in the same accountancy firm for roughly 6 years. Edward has admired and wanted Bella from afar were as Bella see's Edward like everyone else in the firm, a nerdy, boring, stuffy, grey accountant. After a chance meeting at the copy machine Bella see's a side to Edward she has never seen before and upon a hot kissing session and the removal of Edwards glasses this is what Bella thinks:~

"Boring Edward isn’t boring; he’s hiding. He’s fucking Superman hiding as Clark Kent all day, just like I am. And he’s a kissing god. I can only imagine what other super powers he possesses"

Things move from a hot make-out at the copy machine to an extremely hot sexual encounter in the supply room!

But, damn there's always a But! Edward has secrets he's hiding and when Bella finds out after said encounter in the supply room, the shit hits the fan. All this in only the first couple of chapters! Bella isn't so perfect herself though has has issues of her own to overcome, she has fears and insecurities, but will Edward be able to help break free of them. And will Bella be able to help Edward break free of his owns demons from his past? Well you'll just have to read to find out! We are 21 chapters in so show your support by reading and reviewing!

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  1. I'm honored and thrilled for everything you wrote. Thank you so very much for your very kind words!

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