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There is so many amazing writers out there and some who are under appreciated, and some who have thousands of reviews. Please don't think that just because some authors have thousands of reviews that I won't recommend because that couldn't be further from the truth.

If you do read anything I recommend, please please please review and let the author know what you think, it means a lot to them. But please if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all. A lot of authors lately have been getting nasty reviews for no good reason. You have to remember that these authors put their heart and soul into these stories and they do it on their own free time and do it for free. And yes they do actually have feelings that can be hurt, so I cannot stress enough that you be nice. Constructive criticism is all well and good, but don't cross the thin line when it comes to leaving your review.

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Handcuff Bracelet by SoulReaper616

If you like a story with a confident Bella then this is the story for you!

Bella moves to forks to live with her dad and to basically get away from her step father Phil. He's not pleasant at all and while he isn't physically abuse he is mentally and gives Bella a really hard time.

Bella is confident, dresses racy and can hold her own in a fight if needs be. She can stand up for herself and wont let anyone walk over her. She carries a knife for protection and loves to spend time with her 'friend' MaryJane (if like me you don't understand what that means, you will after the first couple of chapters).

Alice befriends her on her first day of school and like to keep the peace by trying to be friends with everyone. Bella instantly likes her and is soon introduced to Edward, Alice's not so social adoptive brother.

An instant attractive assumes and they start of playing little games with each other. But after an accident in the school hallway in which Bella saves Alice from being crushed and only manages to get herself injured (Not seriously) Edward escorts Bella to hospital and a bond starts to form.

Edward doesn't 'date' and Bella isn't looking for anything serious but after a couple of chapters of mixed signals and an angry Bella they come to an understanding. You'll just have to read it to find out what that is.

Underneath all of this though, IMO, is two lost souls finding one another and working through their problems. Learning about each other and dealing with not so nice pasts. We've been given little hints as to some of the things that Bella has been through as well as Edward. But I don't think the story is anywhere near revealing what these two crazy kids have been through. I also feel that this is a story of two people who don't trust anyone and they have to learn to trust one another. From revealing to each other their many secrets and the meanings behind their Tattoo's.

Every chapter will leave you wanting more, so I implore you to go read this little ditty and leave some kind reviews for the author!

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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Silver Strand Nights by GreenEyedGirl17

I fell in love love with this story right from chapter one. The only reason I didn't rec it right away is because I wanted it to be a few more chapters in so that I got a better feel for it and give it the justice it deserves. As its now nine chapters in I feel now is the time to do it. Don't get me wrong the story is just starting to build and its a slow burn which I love.

We have Edward, a former NavySeal who's moving back to California to work with Emmett in training new NavySeals. We don't know yet what happened to Edward other than he was injured in the line of duty. Little things are coming out through each chapter of his past but if you think I'm goin to reveal anything here then of course you would be wrong. I've never revealed anything plot wise in my previous rec's and I'm not about to start now.

Emmett puts Edward in touch with his younger sister Bella who works in the Base and she helps him find a house for when ever he moves back. Edward emails her asking for her help which leads to coversing over IM and then talking on the phone. All sounds easy right? That would be another wrong.

Bella is incredibly shy around people but more so men. She's never had a boyfriend and basically has a one time horrible experience as far as sex is concerned. She has zero confidence and lives within her own shell. When she tells Edward she has a facebook he finds her page, and he likes what he see's. He asks her out to dinner when he moves to Cali and she agrees. Of course she also likes what she see's but doesn't think that a guy as hot as Edward would ever be interested in someone like her.

The bond that these to form is really a beautiful thing to read. Edward really cares for Bella as she does for him. She's helping him deal with his problems and he's slowly bringing her out of her shell.

The only thing is Edwards mother is a meddling mother and is trying to set him up with Vicky who is also Friends with Emmett and his wife Rose. Vicky is easily told no though and when around Edward she flirts constantly. I can see her being a problem in the future. I could be wrong but I just have a feeling. Also add to the fact that Edward and Bella are keeping their relationship a secret from Emmett and we have a few things building in the background.

The author updates every Wednesday and I find myself refreshing my email every hour, yes I truly am addicted and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

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