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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Volition by Rochelle Allison

This is a story which I now hold very close to my heart. When I first seen this in other peoples favourites lists I kept reading over what it was about and having a war inside my head as to if I should read it or not. It took me a few weeks to actually do it and I'm so glad I did.

The story is set in Belfast 1972 and basically when "The Troubles" as it is referred to in Belfast was just reaching its peak. Edward is in the IRA along with Emmett who are fighting the cause against Police Brutality. Now I wasn't born until 1981 but my parents lived through this time and it was one of the worst times to live in Belfast. My dad is English and couldn't speak outside his home in case the IRA thought he was in the armed forces and he would of been killed. Hense the reason why I was hesitant. But this story gives you a look into a time when it wasn't about Catholics and Protestants killing each other because of their religion. It goes back to were it all really began, when it was a cause worth fighting for.

Rochelle put a lot of research into this story even down to the slang we speak, those little quirky sayings that you would never hear anyone say outside of Belfast. Every place told or described within the story is real. Every street name and down to our very own Queens University.

But not only is this a factual story, its a love story too. Bella loves Edward and chooses to stand by his side through thick and thin. She wont give up on him but will she be able to tame the reble that is Edward away from a very dangerous path he's on? Well read it and find out. More importantly make sure you review it!

I'm so proud of Rochelle for bringing this story into the FanFiction world, she's done it complete justice and I'm so glad I read it!

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  1. thanks for the very sweet rec, my dear! i so appreciate all the kind things you said. it's been a joy corresponding with you, love.