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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Problems with!

Ok, so as a lot of people have heard already have been getting a lot of our favourites stories reported and therefore have either removed them completely or pulled certain chapters.

The rumour mill is that a certain hater group is directing underage readers to M rated stories and then reporting the stories because the readers are underage.....Make sense??

This angers me so much that I fell like my head is explode into tiny pieces. If a story has an M rating meaning for mature reading that over 18 years of age. Then why the hell are the under aged minortiy that click on the damn story not being banned instead of getting a story pulled especially a bloody good story that we all love.

Another thing these haters are doing are reporting the author for "Breaking the Rules".

Can I just say that this group is calling the kettle black as my dear friend Tweter found out from visiting their forums. Below is a letter she sent to to highlight these issues.

To the Admin of FFn:

I writing you not only as someone who has posted stories on your site, but as a reader and a parent and an educator.

It seems that as of late, several FF are being pulled due to a vigilante group called "Literate Union." This group has a forum on YOUR site where they CLAIM to be writer friendly, with the goal of helping FF writer's improve their stories. Their guidelines for the site are:

  1. Forums are not to be used to post stories.
  2. All discussions, language and content, must be suitable for teens.
  3. The owner/moderator(s) of this forum is solely responsible for content posted within this area.
  4. All forum abuse must be reported to the moderator(s).
While checking into this forum after several complaints by authors, I found the following statements:

1. I'm in a bad mood today; if they contine to splatter their crap all over this forum, there will be some virtual blood splash here tonight. -_-
2. Semi-illiterate douches that blindly defend their leader in doing the wrong thing.
3. And besides, she's a mod. Bow down to the mods, bitch. -_- It says so in the rules that you are actually meant to read. Go to the correct thread or you'll be banned. And you don't want that now, do you?
4. Because I know Anti-Flamers love that shit.
5. Topic: Shit that Happens Here, FR SRS
6. "Your story broke the fucking rules. STFU~"
7. Still better than a dyslexic American trying to correct my mistakes. They cretiniZe.
8. That person is an imbecile. They should stay away from the internet, and social life. Petting cardboard bunnies in a room with soft walls should be the best occupation for them.
9. A list of shit fics in need of killing. Bold = deleted.
10. Seriously. -.-; This kid needs a harsh wake-up call.
11. To my dear fucktard,

If they weren't against the rules, we wouldn't report them. I am done explaining to absolute morons like you who love to see your favourite characters banging. Grow up and get a life. Get a job. Go away. You're not wanted here.

ALL OF THESE COMMENTS WERE MADE BY MODERATORS OF THAT FORUM AND ARE IN CLEAR VIOLATION OF NOT ONLY THEIR OWN RULES (LANGUAGE SUITABLE FOR TEENS) but FFn rules as well. They are harassing and degrading writers, most of them young writers. These people are ADULTS. It's one thing to go after our M stories for "illegal content" as they like to put it aka: "smut" or whatever, but it's another to make a kid who is expressing their creativity feel like a failure and an idiot.

I realize it is the goal of the site to keep it user friendly for ages 14 and up . . . but how is this user friendly? As a parent, I'm more concerned with my child's emotional well-being getting trampled on by this group of people than them reading something deemed "inappropriate." Besides, it is MY job as a parent to know what my children are looking at on-line and reading. Kids are quite capable of getting their hands on any form of smut in this day and age via internet, book, and/or TV. It shouldn't be FFn responsibility to see that I'm parenting my children correctly. It IS however, FFn's job to ensure my child as well as other's are not being attacked and belittled by groups like Literate Union.

Furthermore, it is crap that this group "sends" teen readers to various authors/stories to read and then has them turn said authors in. This is malicious and hateful. If you, FFn, feel as though there is a problem with Mature rated stories on your site, perhaps you should address the issue yourselves instead of allowing this vigilante group to do what they are currently doing. . . . YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. By allowing this Literate Union forum to exist as it does, you will not only lose Teen readers/writers but your Mature readers/writers as well. The fandom is a tight-knit group of people, we are not going to allow people like Literate Union have this kind of control and power over the things we read and write. I would hope you would put a stop to this ABUSE, as that is clearly what it is . . .


Extemely well said!! I couldnt agree with you more!


  1. I'm so glad someone figured out there is a group out there causing some of our favorite stories to be removed. I have a friend in the ficdom that I've grown close with and we were just discussing this today. It came up several times that there had to be some kind of group behind this! It's ridiculous and they obviously have way too much time on their hands! I hope does the right thing in this situation!

  2. i had this problem! it go my story.. 'Not A Moment Lost' pulled. I had a like 3 readers under the age of 18 posting comments on every single chapter telling how unacceptable my story was... and it was rated 'M' for a reason!

  3. OK, do you know M means "below the age of 16" it's in the guidelines of But people (like me^^) write MA, which is for adults, anyway. So technically they are right to denouce us. Well, I posted a mail to the mods to ask them to go back to the old system which accepted MA. But I just wanted to inform you of that, cause in fact they're in their right.