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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Faithfully by LailaB

I found this little ditty over the weekend and fell in love with it. Its pretty fast in the terms of Edward and Bella getting together but sometimes that's what we love, right? Well, I do anyway.

Edward is a rock and roll star and lead singer of Eclipse. He feels like his life is were he wants it to be and feels pretty fulfilled. That is until he crosses path Bella in a music store in London. Edward lives there and is just about to embark on a world tour with band. Before he gets a chance to talk to Bella she walks out of the store which causes Edward to follow her. They end up in a coffee shop where they end up talking for hours and before Edward leaves he asks her to come to his show the next night.

When she shows up and later after the show in his dressing room Edward warns Bella giving her a chance to back out of being seen with him. Why you ask? Well Edward is 35yrs old and has never been seen or been pictured since he became famous with another woman. So by Bella being by his side it will be like tying a rope around their necks as far as the paparazzi are concerned. Bella is also only 20yrs old so they have that hanging over their heads, even though the age difference means nothing to them.

Edward asks Bella to come on the tour with them and she readily agrees as she was travelling Europe with her brother Seth and his girlfriend. She meets the rest of the band consisting of Jasper the lead guitarist and Emmett the drummer. Also going on the tour is Jaspers girlfriend Alice and Emmett's wife Rosalie.

Bella and Alice hit it off right away but Rosalie hates Bella from the get go. Rosalie has lusted after Edward for 10yrs and as much as she tried to nail him he never went anywhere near her. So she settled for Emmett and married him instead. This doesn't mean that she still doesn't want Edward and she's constantly pushing Bella's buttons with snide remarks. Bella doesn't back down though. She's strong and can hold her own and is constantly putting Rosalie in her place. Why Rosalie still wants Edwards is a mystery, if its for the simple fact that she wants what she cant have or that she does harbour more feelings than she lets on for him, well its too early to say, its only 8 chapters in. But what gets me most of all about the Rosalie situation is the fact that Emmett is either completely blind to the situation or he's choosing to ignore it. Either way I want to shake the hell out of him and tell him dump her skanky ass!

This story is fast becoming high on my list of favourites and I highly recommend you give it a go. Lots of lemony goodness to, by the time I was caught up on all eight chapters I was in need of a cold shower!

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