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I'm a huge lover of all Twilight related Fan Fiction. As old or new Fictions catch my eye I'll post a review and point you in the right direction.

There is so many amazing writers out there and some who are under appreciated, and some who have thousands of reviews. Please don't think that just because some authors have thousands of reviews that I won't recommend because that couldn't be further from the truth.

If you do read anything I recommend, please please please review and let the author know what you think, it means a lot to them. But please if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all. A lot of authors lately have been getting nasty reviews for no good reason. You have to remember that these authors put their heart and soul into these stories and they do it on their own free time and do it for free. And yes they do actually have feelings that can be hurt, so I cannot stress enough that you be nice. Constructive criticism is all well and good, but don't cross the thin line when it comes to leaving your review.

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I will be recommending 'M' rated stories so please if your under the age of 18, you have been warned! As my mum always says to me "On your own head be it"

Saturday, 6 March 2010

My Reason for lack of Fic Recs

Recently there has been a lot of things happening within the ranks of Stories are being reported and pulled for violation of Terms of Service.

Yes we get that that they did break the rules but this is due to not having an MA/NC-17 rating.

Then we have the asses who have made themselves known as Literate Union. They read a story, leave a ridiculous review completely flaming the author with their over rated opinion and then top matters off by reporting said stories to FFn.

Do these people not have jobs? Do they not have lives? What I would like to know is who made them the 'Powers that Be' of FFn and what gives them right to flame and destroy a persons freedom of creativity?

At the time of writing this all seems to be quiet from LU, maybe its the calm before the storm. But either way Im going to start reccing again. Not all recs will be for FFn but for a new site also that is new and up and coming called The Writers Coffee Shop Library.

New Rec's will be up on Monday March 8th 2010.

Thank you to whom ever visits this blog and for sticking with me, reading stories that I've rec'd so far. It means a lot to the authors when you read and review their stories.

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