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How To Save A Life by unholy.obsession Video Part 1

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

How To Save A Life by unholy.obsession

Yes I know I've recc'd this before but Im doing it again because well simply I can. I have close to 200 stories on my favourites list....This is by without a doubt my number 1 all time favourite. Why might you ask?

Well we have former golden boy Edward who is now broken and a shell of his former self. Bella moves to forks to finish high school where she instantly befriends Alice. Alice's brother Edward doesn't really talk to anyone, ditches school a lot and gave up on everything about his life. He smokes weed to numb the pain he's feeling and basically just wants to be left alone.

After Bella see's pictures and hears a lot about Edward who was once happy, she kinda takes on a rescue mission without even realising it. She slowly but surely breaks down some of his carefully constructed walls, speaks with him sporatically and offers him a chance to talk about things if he ever needs too.

Of course he tells her no and seems to fight off her offers until one day when Bella gets out of biology for feeling sick after blood typing. She stumbles upon Edward in the middle of an emotional breakdown and he finally asks to talk to her. He talks about some of his problems but not the main thing that has him feeling or acting the way he does. Its a small break through that doesn't really change much but its yet another crack in his wall.

Things more or less develop from this point on, he tries to get his life together and Bella seems to become more constant in his life. Of course we have set backs, and trust me with every set back you want to hug the hell out of Edward as long as wanting to scream with frustration on Bella's behalf.

Its an emotional rollarcoaster that I would happily ride repeatedly. You feel Edwards pain and you feel Bella's 'want' with wanting to help him. You feel her frustration, her need, her anguish and also I found I felt her exhaustion. Yes, it does get to the point as its now on chapter 25 and Bella is utterly exhausted. I feel that right along with her but its so worth it. Nobody can be complimented on making me feel these thing EXCEPT the author. I can only commend her writing and the effort and feeling she puts into it for making this an exceptional story.

There's a lot of twist and turns and it's just hit a major turn in the storyline, at the end of chapter 25 I was literally speechless and thinking 'OH MY GOD' and I don't even want to talk about it because it would give too much away. You'll just have to read it to find out what happens!

To read How to Save a Life click Here

Please make sure you review, its important for an author to hear you feedback and it also means a lot to them for the hard work and effort they put into writing for us to read for free :D


  1. The story is so good, I didn't sleep at all this night reading it! Unfortunately, I went to work, so I spent the whole day obsessing of what would happen now that they finally kissed! Imagine my frustration, to finally be back at home and find out that the story is off the website!!!! WTF??? The author doesn't even left her email! It's all GONE. If someone have it can you email it to me? I'm dying here!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. is the story on any websites or is it gone for good?

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